For as long as I can remember, I've loved to create, beautify, arrange.   As a child, I remember my best friend and I painting locust skins bright colors and lining them up in rows on the rail of her tree house and decorating it with whatever we could find in her backyard.

In college, I lived an a small bungalow with two friends near campus. The Landlord gave us free reign to 'fix it up' however we wanted.  We spent days painting black and white squares on the damaged wood floors, after patching the large cracks with quarts of wood filler. But we couldn't patch the gaps under the baseboards.  West Texas gales blew sand in the house with every wind storm.  Still, the house was super cute in a college student sort of way, after we were done with it, and it was my first venture into whole house design.  

I left that house in Lubbock, Texas, with a degree in Interior Design from Texas Tech University and great memories. I moved to Brooklyn, New York,  with my fiance so he could attend Law School.  My first real design job was right smack in downtown Manhattan!  It was a long way from the West Texas dust storms.  

Needless to say, I just had to put my touches on that tiny Brooklyn apartment. The whole place was decorated on a shoe string budget, or if I got lucky with a cool vintage cast off from the street on bulk pick up days. I loved living in New York and working in that fast paced business world, it was a great experience, and quite an adventure. My perspective into the NY design scene grew and refined my design knowledge more than I ever imagined it would, but when my husband graduated law school we would return to Austin where my friends, and both our families were.

12 years and three lively, crazy, adorable, little boys later we are dug in here in Austin. I spent many years working with a top architectural firm (STG Design) doing commercial interiors for companies such as Apple, Google, Wilsonart, Latinworks,  The University of Texas at Austin and so many more. My years of big firm experience trained my eye to approach projects with an architectural perspective and to get the forms right before tackling the smaller details. Finally, I decided to be on my own, focusing on my passion - residential design.  I am excited about the future and can't wait to see what comes my way.  Each new client brings new challenges, new rewards, and it is wonderfully gratifying and a privilege to help my clients achieve the home of their dreams.